Questions to ask yourself when choosing a Martial Arts School.

If you are searching for a martial arts school for your family you want to make sure that you do your research. The first thing you watch for is discipline and respect. How do the students and instructor conduct themselves? Do the students come in and quietly prepare for class to begin? Do they take their shoes off and bow before entering the training floor? Do they wait at attention for the instructor to or senior member to bow them in to enter the training floor? Is it yes sir and no sir? This is how you can tell a traditional martial arts school from one that is not. How we conduct ourselves in the martial arts is the most important thing.

You should also sit in on a class and see the techniques being performed and taught by the instructor. Does he explain it well? Does he break it down in a way that the students can understand it? Does the instructor use constructive criticism when correcting his students? How knowledgeable is the instructor? Do you feel like he has the experience and skill to bring you to the level you want to attain? Does the school teach a variety of things such as kicking, hand techniques, forms, self defense, and combinations? Asking these questions and knowing what to look for will help you to make the right decision.

Master Low

Low’s Martial Arts Academy Tang Soo Do


Low’s Martial Arts Academy is a family oriented martial arts school and is a Charter Member of the Northwest Tang Soo Do Association. We instruct in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do, both kids and adult classes.. We also offer the Little Ninjas program which teaches kids 4-9 discipline, teamwork and coordination, all while having fun.

Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art, not a sport.  As a classical martial art, Tang Soo Do aims to develop and express an individual’s true self.  Our classes focus on developing the skills and values of Tang Soo Do, while challenging students to better themselves through their study of martial arts.

Our highly trained instructors provide instruction in a safe, supervised atmosphere that makes learning fun, and promotes lifelong friendships.  Classes focus on developing discipline, stamina, coordination and flexibility.

What is Tang Soo?

Tang Soo lives in everything we do.
It’s inside your heart.
Tang Soo is the strength you find within yourself.
Focus your mind and always concentrate on Tang Soo.
Most of all, Tang Soo lives in the way we treat people.
Everything is Tang Soo!

Master Brandon Low


Fees are for instruction only. There is no fee for facility use at DragonFire Martial Arts.

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We had a few people in the last month from other Karate schools and they ask us a lot of questions. This is what you should look for in finding a good legitimate Martial Arts school.

(1) Look for a school that doesn’t require additional enrollment fees @ signup. You should be paying for a uniform and your first months lessons.
(2) Look for a school that has traditional values and follows the proper martial arts philosophy. The most important thing is character development.
(3) Avoid schools that pressure you to buy videos, merchandise, and seminars this does not mean don’t go to a school that sells these things just avoid if they use pressured sales tactics.
(4)The school’s facilities should be clean and organized. If they don’t look professional, their services probably aren’t either. You should also ask to see the school’s first aid kit. If they don’t have one or all they have is a box of Band-aids you might want to look elsewhere for your own or your children’s safety.
(5)Unethical rank and Instructor standards. That means students being promoted way too fast.
(6)Make sure you check the Head Instructors credentials. Make sure that they weren’t credentialed online, by video and sending off, or by purchasing instructor credentials online or thru magazines. These are called catalog black belts.
(7) Instructors should be a high level student both physically and mentally who qualified for their position within their school by demonstrating leadership skills and a concise knowledge of the cirriculum. They should also be physically fit and able to demonstrate and practice what they preach. An overweight and unskilled instructor is not what you want.
(8) Beware of schools that don’t pay testing fees this can be deceiving you are paying a higher tuition fee each and every month but you don’t test every month. It is better to offer a student a lower tuition fee and then pay a fair testing price when the student is able to test.
(9) Be wary of schools that promote students by their performance at a tournament. Tournaments are sport karate and have nothing to do with the requirement to attain your next belt rank. Testing is conducted under the close supervision of an instructors. That way each student passes the necessary requirements. Rank is not given away. It is earned.
(10) Watch out for Martial Arts schools that charge too much for belt advancement, or schools that promise guaranteed Black Belts in a short amount of time. These are usually too good to be true and therefore scams.

Master Low

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