Catalog Black Belts

What is the definition of a Catalog Black Belt? A Catalog Black Belt is someone who has had some type of martial arts training and decided that they have the aspiration to become an instructor or teacher. Rather than complete the years of training and instruction it takes to meet that goal they decide forego the work and order a black belt online. Instantly overnight they become a catalog black belt. They have the ability … Continue reading Catalog Black Belts

Flow like water

In Tang Soo Do we are constantly working to improve our technique. We strive for the purity of form in our performance and the effectiveness of each movement. Often during a sparring match in the class a student will throw one or two techniques and stop. Although the technique might of looked great it often falls short of its intended goal. How do we solve this problem? Was my kick just not fast enough? Did … Continue reading Flow like water


Instructors hope that each day they earn the loyalty and trust of their students. A Master passes on his teachings to a student in the hope that they can grow into an amazing martial artist. One who makes the school proud by demonstrating good character, discipline and respect. It can sometimes be discouraging when a student quits right before they are start to really understand the benefits of their training. Or they quit because they … Continue reading Loyalty