Instructors hope that each day they earn the loyalty and trust of their students. A Master passes on his teachings to a student in the hope that they can grow into an amazing martial artist. One who makes the school proud by demonstrating good character, discipline and respect. It can sometimes be discouraging when a student quits right before they are start to really understand the benefits of their training. Or they quit because they become impatient and don’t understand why an instructor holds them back. True loyalty is when you get no personal gain from a decision made but support it anyway. You base your decision on your values and not your own ambition. Loyalty is a two way street. A good instructor would do anything for their students and good students should always trust their instructors judgement. There is always a bigger picture. Loyalty is a two way street. I have seen students mistreated and disrespected by their instructors. Nobody should ever be disrespected or robbed of their dignity. That’s not the way of a true martial artist. You need to trust your instructor and believe every decision they make is for the greater good. If you don’t trust them, leave your school and find someone you do trust. Life without genuine relationships is meaningless.

Master Low

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