Flow like water

In Tang Soo Do we are constantly working to improve our technique. We strive for the purity of form in our performance and the effectiveness of each movement. Often during a sparring match in the class a student will throw one or two techniques and stop. Although the technique might of looked great it often falls short of its intended goal. How do we solve this problem? Was my kick just not fast enough? Did I not learn it correctly? New students often look over at me with a distraught look on their face after they miss or have a strike blocked. The truth is that every attack against your opponent has to have an end result. That end result can’t always be achieved by starting and stopping. Combinations are done to create the openings. You analyze you opponents movements always looking for weakness. Follow up techniques if done in the correct order lead to the point strikes and knock outs. It all comes down to intent. What is your final goal? Most real fights do not end with one or two techniques. They end when multiple strikes lead to the winning blow. We call this continuous flow of movement. Keep that in mind and we continue to improve your skills.

As Bruce Lee would say, “Flow like water my friend!”

Master Low

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