The Benefits of Virtual Training

Although not new, virtual learning has increasingly become a more widely used approach, especially in the wake of the current pandemic. Nearly everyone has been directed to stay at home, which initially seemed like a vacation but quickly became an unwanted situation. With routines upended and everyone limited with access to activities, children are filled with an overabundance of pent up energy. The need for supportive, online resources is essential for parents and children. This … Continue reading The Benefits of Virtual Training

The Most Important Loyalty of All

Loyalty is a big deal in the world of Martial Arts. I would imagine most of us would say that loyalty is a big deal period. But what does loyalty actually mean? Is it the same to everyone? Within the realm of family, loyalty might mean always having your son or daughter’s back, regardless of the mistakes they make. To me, that’s just the unconditional love of being a parent, but some might view that … Continue reading The Most Important Loyalty of All