Game Based Learning 5-6 year olds

Hey there Low's Martial Arts Families, When people generally think of “play” they think of fun and games…something simply for amusement and nothing more. However, there is a bigger, and more important, piece that is often overlooked…learning. As Kay Redfield Jamison said, “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.” The same is true for game-based learning. When parents hear this term, they think that their … Continue reading Game Based Learning 5-6 year olds

Build a Stick-to it Attitude

Hey Low's Martial Arts Parents! Today I’d like to talk about tough situations, struggles, failures, and the importance of following through in a manner that promotes growth in children. When things get tough for our kids the two most common ways parents handle these situations is to either swoop in and be the hero or to leave them to “figure” it out. This could mean doing their homework for them, not pushing them to get … Continue reading Build a Stick-to it Attitude

Benefits of Training Over the Summertime

During the school season teachers, assistants, and counselors are focused on helping your children learn and grow. But what happens during the summer season when these people are not around? It makes sense that as a parent you would want your child to maintain some level of growth and development over the summer in order to limit or prevent your child from losing a lot of the skills gained over the last school season. This … Continue reading Benefits of Training Over the Summertime

Stop The Summer Brain Drain

The “Summer Brain Drain,” also known as the “Summer Slide,” is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s when your child’s months of hard work–hours upon hours of math homework, late nights working on science projects, and car rides spent quizzing history flashcards–all begin to slip away. It’s a decay in learning, which then can have a domino effect on a child’s physical, emotional and social development. Ever wonder how knowledge retention works? Here’s what we know. … Continue reading Stop The Summer Brain Drain

Age-specific Benefits for Martial Arts

Hey, Low's Martial Arts Families! Have you ever wondered why our classes are more effective than your typical martial arts schools’ program? The thing that makes our classes more dynamic than most is that we understand childhood development and have been able to use a curriculum that takes advantage of this understanding! Here are just a few benefits of Age-Specific martial arts and what they mean for your ninja! 1. Specifically Targeted Instruction This means … Continue reading Age-specific Benefits for Martial Arts