Elite Skillz

The Elite SKILLZ Curriculum Overview

The Elite SKILLZ Curriculum is meant to add more variety of training for students that are preparing to test for 1st Degree Black Belt and higher. It provides them with category-specific challenges that they must accomplish every testing cycle. This engages the student’s interests, which builds motivation on top of the training that they’ve already acquired.

Here’s how the Elite SKILLZ Curriculum works:

  1. Every testing cycle, the instructor chooses the next challenge from the Elite SKILLZ Curriculum.
  2. The students work on that specific challenge for an entire testing cycle.
  3. Working on a specific challenge for several months enables them to build more skills in that particular topic.
  4. There are a total of 8 categories as defined in the next section, which means that students will become well-rounded Martial Artists as they train through the program.
  5. There are also a total of 8 skills that the students will train on to help them become well-rounded in the category they are training on.
  6. At the end of the testing cycle the students test on the 8 skills.
  7. Students that are Elite Black Belts (Black belts with color stripes) will earn their next rank, up to Elite Black-Red belt. Once they reach that rank, they begin to earn chevron patches, which are referred to as mid-term chevrons. The students must earn five chevrons in order to become eligible to test for their 2nd Degree, and fifteen chevrons in order to become eligible to test for their 3rd

The Elite SKILLZ Curriculum Categories

The Elite SKILLZ Curriculum utilizes eight testing categories. The eight categories provide the Elite SKILLZ students a more comprehensive program than traditional Black Belt programs. The variety of categories will challenge the students to become more versatile and skilled in the Martial Arts.

Here are the eight training categories for the Elite SKILLZ Curriculum:

  1. Weapons
  2. Forms
  3. Board breaking
  4. Cross-training
  5. Self-defense
  6. Dynamic kicking
  7. Sparring
  8. Physical Development

Here are the eight SKILLZ that the Elite students will train on within each category:


The Elite SKILLZ Curriculum is by far one of the most innovative and exciting ways for high-ranking students to train. Students will love the variety of challenges they face each testing cycle. The best part is, they are continually growing and building skills in a new way which is different from what they’ve worked on up to this point. The variety and format that the Elite SKILLZ Curriculum provides will motivate and challenge the students and build well-rounded Martial Artists that extend beyond traditional Martial Arts training formats.

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