Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

I know my child will have fun, but he has quit other activities before. How can we keep him from quitting?

The key to a child’s success in any activity is consistency, progress and parents. What we have found is that children don’t quit martial arts training, parents do! As long as a parent makes and keeps the commitment of making sure their child attends class twice per week, children will learn and excel in their training. Kids that train consistently continue to progress in the martial arts and should have no problem attaining the life changing goal of Black Belt.

Is my child too young for martial arts training?

At Low’s Martial Arts Academy we are experts at teaching martial arts. We have programs specially designed for ages 4 to 7, 8 to 12, teens and adults. Our instructors are trained to bring out the best in student performance at any age.

What are the chances that my child could get hurt doing martial arts?

Don’t worry, it’s not like the cage fighting you see almost every night on TV! (But your child will learn to defend themselves.) Actually children have a much higher chance of getting hurt play football than in martial arts. In fact we have students who have trained for years that have never received a single injury. While injuries can and do occur very rarely, your child’s safety is our main concern. We use padded safety gear, abide by strict safety rules and regulation for instructors and students, use padded safety weapons, and have high tech padded floors, all for the safety of our students.

Will martial arts training make my child aggressive to others?

NO WAY! As a matter of fact, we are careful to teach our students to use common sense before self-defense. Kids are taught this the first day of class to make smart decisions when it comes to self-defense. They will know when it is the right time to use what we teach them. We also stress to our students that self-defense is always used as a last resort and that the techniques learned in our school may not be used or demonstrated at any time.

My child has never been good at sports, can he do this?

Every child has what it take to be good at martial arts because in martial arts they are not competing or comparing themselves with anyone. Martial arts are more than just punching and kicking. Character development training is just as important as punching and kicking. We are building Black Belts from the inside out. Once we develop a child’s confidence, they truly can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Is martial arts training good exercise if my child needs to lose weight?

Martial Arts is great exercise for kids. Martial arts training combined with a sensible diet can transform a child’s physical and overall health. And kids that feel good about themselves are children that develop strong confidence and self-esteem, which will carry over in all aspects of their life in the future.