Tracy Duffy Slack

Master Low is a true teacher of traditional martial arts. Trace back his lineage of education and it’s the real deal. If you research most instructors and their classes you may find a real disappointment of how martial arts can be basically franchised without true knowledge of the actual Art. Let’s just say that once you have seen proper kicks and forms, it’s hard not to wince when it’s done improperly. This is exactly why we chose Low’s Martial Arts; we want to learn to do it RIGHT. I honestly have to say that Master Low’s style of teaching truly brings our Spirits Up! There’s such variety of self defense and real-life useful skills, taught in varying ways to keep the information fresh. It’s proven that humans need repetition to learn well. You’ll actually learn what you came for here. This school is like an extension of family. One of the best decisions we’ve made is to join. No regrets. Tang Soo! 👊🏻