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Welcome to

Low's Martial Arts Academy

Taking a martial arts class at Low’s Martial Arts Academy won’t just fill your afternoon – it will change your life. As children, our parents instilled in us the belief that anything is possible. They tell us that if we work hard enough, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. But somewhere along the way, we discover that the path to success may not be as straightforward as we once believed it was. There are many twists and turns along the road that may lead us astray, causing us to lose hope. That is why having a great teacher is so important. Master Low not only has incredible credentials, but he also inspires his students.

At Low’s Martial Arts, we believe that martial arts is the greatest platform for unleashing human potential. Our training teaches us valuable lessons that improve our lives – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


At Low’s Martial Arts Academy, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Focus

    Amid the distractions of social media and the demands of modern life, martial arts help you refocus.
  • Self-defense

    Our training is one of the best forms of self-defense training. Come see what the hype is about!
  • Confidence

    Our martial arts training will help you feel strong, supported, and successful. Join and watch your confidence soar!
  • Strength

    At Low's Martial Arts Academy, we create resilient martial artists that are strong in mind, body, and spirit.


  • The class not only focuses on self-defense, anti-bullying, and martial arts, but discipline, persistence, dedication, and self-challenge.

    Mina Kratchunova


  • I have noticed other students besides my own children benefit from this class over the last 2 years. Highly recommended!

    Morgan Wetzstein


  • This school is like an extension of family. One of the best decisions we’ve made is to join. No regrets.

    Tracy Marie Duffy


  • Master Low truly is an amazing instructor that shows his students care and knowledge, he makes the class enjoyable...

    Amina Karahasanovic


  • This is a top notch martial arts school. All three of my boys have been participating in Master Low’s classes for a couple of years now and they absolutely love it.

    Brianne Hepworth


  • The women's self-defense class is amazing! I feel very fortunate to have my family involved with his Academy. Seriously, check it out and join. You will not regret it!

    Tiffany Bullock

    Parent & Student